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Client testimonials

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"I have been competing in Working Trials for over fifteen years, two of my dogs are Working Trials Champions gaining eleven Kennel Club Challenge Certificates as well
as over fifty Tracking Dog and Patrol Dog Excellent qualifications. I have won the Kennel Club Championship and been placed several times.
No matter how good the dog or how good a trainer you are, to compete at this level the canine athlete need to be in top physical condition. I have known Emma for many years where her skill and experience have, without doubt, kept my dogs in full fitness. Without Emma's ability and her honest and practical advice the success my dogs have had would not have been possible."

- Andy Baker Training

"Emma has been treating both myself and the horses at Sparrow Oast for many years. As a producer of dressage horses and fanatical about posture and balance of both horse and rider it is imperative that we work with like minded people. Emma has been called upon many times both for routine check ups and in emergency situations
and every time she has been very professional and knowledgeable in her treatment of each individual case, be it equine, dog or human.
As a keen horsewoman herself, Emma has an excellent understanding of how a horse should move whether it be an all round family pony to a top class competition horse.  I would highly recommend Emma to anyone requiring Osteopathic treatment."

- Nicola Bell, Dressage Rider/Trainer at Sparrow Oast Livery & Training


"My husband was treated by Emma following an accident and now continues with routine maintenance which has been highly successful in keeping him mobile with his physical farming workload. Therefore, when during my pregnancy I developed pelvic girdle I turned to Emma. This was the best decision I made! I had weekly treatments from 33 to 39 weeks pregnant and the treatments quite literally got me walking pain free again. I am also sure that the treatments enabled me to have a straight forward labour and birth which was brilliant.

Emma is friendly and welcoming and extremely professional. We would not hesitate in recommending Emma."

- Donna, Kent


"When I picked up Henry (dog) and he howled in agony I knew there was something seriously wrong and that the first thing to do was call Emma. Henry had seen Emma following an earlier trauma and having seen what she did for him on that occasion I knew that her very particular skills as a veterinary osteopath were urgently needed
now. It was Easter Saturday but Emma came to see Henry and treated him over the weekend. Without her skills I may have lost Henry and since that time Emma has continued to treat Henry along with another dog William who although he has not had a major trauma has a problematic back. Henry and William enjoy an active lifestyle with lovely long walks thanks to Emma. As for me, a dance teacher with a bad back, there have been several occasions when Emma has got me back on my feet in order
to deliver an important workshop. She really does have magic hands."

- Nicola, Kent


"Emma Boyd has been treating my horses and myself for many years, also one of my children recently and I can recommend her whole heartedly. Emma has a practical, friendly approach and does not use jargon but explains diagnosis and treatments in simple terms. Emma is always helpful and flexible with appointments, reasonable
rates too! Osteopathy can help with all sorts of issues, aches and pains so why not give Emma a call?."

- Georgina, Kent


"Without Emma and her magic hands I would not be riding my horse Tom today. Tom is 21 years old according to his passport (although the vet thinks he could be at least 24!)

During his life time he has worked very hard as he was once owned by a Hunt Stables and hired out to anyone who wanted to have a go whether they were an
experienced rider or not! I became his full time Mum five years ago and when he arrived he was in poor shape and refused to let me ride him as he was in
a lot of pain with a very sore back. The first thing was to have the saddle checked and I discovered the tree was broken and had been pinching him every time he was ridden.

Luckily for Tom and me Emma was able to come and see him. With her extensive knowledge and expertise she was able to formulate a plan of action. Tom needed
regular manipulation to put him back together and Emma also advised me on how to lunge in order to build up his muscles. She knew exactly where the problem was
and treated him with utmost care and attention. After each session you could visibly see him changing shape and relaxing as he was no longer in acute pain.
Gradually his movement freed up and the saddle (a new one that fitted him correctly) was reintroduced. Since then Tom and I have ridden happily many times and
enjoyed lots of fun hacks.

As time has gone on arthritis has developed in his back legs and in January of this year he started to have problems in getting up after lying down. It happened in his
stable and in the field. I thought it was the beginning of the end but yet again Emma has saved the day and the horse for that matter!

His pelvis had dropped and the weakness in his legs was causing him to struggle. Emma came and with her special treatment Tom is enjoying the summer and we are
still riding out four times a week.

Emma is Tom’s Guardian Angel. Without her he would not be here today. I cannot put into words how much I appreciate her help. She is a very special person and I
would recommend her to anyone whose horse needs assistance with back injuries in order to get on to the road to recovery."

- Dot, Kent

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